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Fitness in Color

Oct 25, 2020

On today’s episode we are using a different format. I originally planned to host Claudia Thompson to talk about her experiences as a Black woman running in and around Boston. 

As we did a pre-interview for an episode, I realized that I wanted to listen and learn without interjecting myself into the conversation. And so I felt that this episode should about Black women having this discussion while the rest of us listen. 

I invited my friends and Co-founders of TrailblazeHers Run Co, Lizzy Rock, Frances Ramirez, and Abeo Christa to join Claudia on this episode to talk about their experiences. 

TrailblazHers Run Co. is an organization that is committed to building and nurturing the diversity in sisterhood. They host monthly meet-ups called Self Care Sunday's and an annual Bra Run used to empower women of all shapes and sizes to feel comfortable in their bodies while running in a sports bra. 

Claudia is the president of Claudia Connects, a personal and professional training, development, and networking events company. She is a dancer, runner, and all-around fitness enthusiast.

I hope you enjoy the episode

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