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Fitness in Color

Jan 12, 2021

Running is a lifestyle, and Olympian Ruben Sança LIVES to run! 

Moving to the US from the Cape Verde Islands at the age of 13, Ruben loved to play soccer. He suffered from asthma as a kid but soon found himself running track for his middle school team.

It wasn't until a friend convinced him to join his high school track team that he started to see a promising running career in his future. 

In this episode, Ruben recounts how a series of small decisions fueled by his internal motivation led him to represent his home country in the 2012 Summer Olympics in London.

You can expect to hear:

- The difficulty in navigating a new country and a new language

- What fuels Ruben's internal motivation

- Why it's important to have mentorship and coaches that believe in you

- How through consistency and determination Ruben finally achieved the success that he always saw in himself

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