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Fitness in Color

Jan 19, 2021

Is Health & Wellness accessible for communities of color in Boston?

We tackle this question and many more with Boston-based fitness instructors Liz Rock, Dre Neita, and Ashley Mitchell.

Liz, Dre, and Ashley live in 3 different worlds when it comes to fitness in Boston and we dive in on what these experiences look like. 

This episode was originally recorded as a live panel discussion for the Fierce Urgency of Now Festival, a five-day series of events hosted by local businesses and organizations geared at highlighting the experiences, challenges, and opportunities for young professionals of color in our city with the ultimate goal of creating community.

You can expect to hear the panel discuss:

- The challenge of finding diverse fitness experiences 

- Thoughts on if Boston fitness is inclusive

- How can we serve communities of color while trying to make a decent salary 

- Racism was declared a public health crisis in Boston, but what is Boston doing to get well?

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Liz Rock

Dre Neita

Ashley Mitchell