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Fitness in Color

Jan 26, 2021

"The overnight success is created by years of work"

Geoff Janey has built JET Boston into a successful boutique fitness studio over the last several years. But it wasn't always easy!

Struggling with weight for most of his life, Geoff abandoned a salary based accounting position to learn more about the human body and transform his life. 

He first needed to hire himself as his own trainer before starting on his journey of creating a brand that has led him to where he is today.

You can expect to hear:

- How Geoff started renting space by the hour on Boylston St to meet clients which eventually led to him take a lease on a 200 SF office space 

- The importance of taking your time while building a team for your small business  

- Why building a community-first business was the difference between making it or going under in a year like 2020 

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