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Fitness in Color

Feb 2, 2021

The first Black Woman in Canada to become a Nike Trainer

Moving from Jamaica to Western Canada with her mother at a young age, Rebeckah Price was the only Black girl in her entire high school. She had to navigate understanding Black and what Black meant while being the only one.

This led to Rebeckah intentionally failing her high school English class in protest of the curriculum because it portrayed Africans as cannibals. 

After high school, Rebeckah moved to Toronto for college, in search of community and more people who looked like her.

Rebeckah's first experience practicing yoga was a prenatal meditation and visualization class. She struggled to stick with it because she could not identify with anyone in her classes. It was only later that she learned about the origins of yoga in South Asian and African cultures. 

You can expect to hear:

- How Rebeckah learned to navigate white spaces while code-switching

- How the universe and stars aligned to provide a path for Rebeckah to become a yoga instructor

- How she incorporates Rastafarian culture into her yoga teaching in practice

- Why she decided to create classes exclusively for BIPOC

- Why knowing and understanding your body is imperative for advocating for yourself as a Black woman.

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