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Fitness in Color

Mar 16, 2021

Bringing premium wellness experiences to marginalized communities.

What started in the basement of a lower Manhattan gym with a few classes, has turned into a Black wellness phenomenon.

After discovering the world of exclusive boutique fitness studios in New York City, in 2016 Briana Thompson created Spiked Spin - a hip-hop-inspired soul-cleansing physical sermon moonlighting as a high-intensity spin class and Brooklyn's first Boutique Cycling Studio.

Bri grew up in Queens, NY where she danced and ran track competitively before moving to Maryland and then to Georgia. She graduated from Hampton University, an HBUC in Virginia, and landed a job in Digital Advertising back in NYC. It was during her time in this world that she found her love for boutique fitness experiences. While she loved attending the high-end and high-priced classes, paid for by her clients, she rarely saw other people who looked like her in these spaces.

Bri found her love for high-intensity cycling and combined it with her passion for rhythmic movement and hip-hop culture. She became an instructor by night while maintaining her corporate job at CBS by day. One class led to two classes, which led to a full schedule as she slowly built Spiked Spin.

Spiked has grown into a space that welcomes and represents 'the majority' of those who do not fit the perfect frame and picture that has come to define wellness in our time.