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Fitness in Color

Dec 8, 2020

“Teach the youth to play Chess not Checkers, and coach them to be better than you!” - Gavin 

Welcome back family! This week I am joined by Jamaican born and Uniondale, NY raised Gavin Smith.  Educator • Agitator • Activist • Runner.  He's an ambassador for Lululemon, Vice Principal at Fenway High School, and always championing life. 

Join us as we discuss how he left what no longer served him and actively steps into his greatness every day through fitness.  You won’t want to miss how he is navigating predominately White spaces to reallocate resources and give back to the community! 

In this episode you can expect to hear: 

• The mental health effects of a kid from a lower-middle-class family in an EXTREMELY wealthy school system.

• How ONE decision changed Gavin’s life trajectory • How parting from your past can be the most fruitful decision

• What it looks like when people highlight talents within YOU that you don’ see in yourself 

• Gavin’s role in restructuring a traditional school system Connect with us: 





Every day you have a choice. Choose wisely. “Roxbury is the Black Mecca of Boston and it is an honor to get to run past such rich Blackness everyday” - Gavin

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