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Fitness in Color

Dec 22, 2020

Achieving and maintaining weight loss can be a stress-inducing and mentally exhausting activity, especially during a pandemic.

This week we are talking to my friend Liz Rock, a fitness instructor and run coach who embarks on this journey daily. We talk about her active battle with maintaining weight loss during quarantine and the effects that it has on her mental health.

Liz also opens up about the constant external pressure she feels from society to maintain her weight loss although many think it is “harmless encouragement”.

What you can expect to hear:

- How Liz dealt with catching COVID-19 & pneumonia

- How finding a running group changed and potentially even saved her life.

- Finding a sibling via Facebook

- Becoming a marathon runner with no experience

- How to run 4 marathons in two years

- How to understand and acknowledge the signs your body gives you to slow down or take a break

- How changing your lifestyle can save your life

This is a platform where we encourage and normalize fitness in POC communities. Please share this with a friend, it might LITERALLY save their life.

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