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Fitness in Color

Feb 16, 2021

4% of Physical Therapists are People of Color. That number is even smaller for Men of color.  

Dr. Kenneth Nwosu is the Managing Partner and Clinical Director of Bay State Physical Therapy Boston. And there aren't many others that look like him.

Kenneth discovered the field of Physical Therapy after breaking his ankle in high school and spending 8 months in a cast.

He progressed aimlessly through college in the Kinesiology program until he failed a class in his final semester of Senior year. He was forced to take a year off between undergrad and grad school to retake the class the following spring semester in order to receive his degree.

This was a pivotal moment in his life that allowed him to put into perspective what it meant to apply himself fully to what he does.

You can expect to hear:

- Kenneth's childhood growing up in Nigeria

- Kenneth's experience coming of age as a teenager in the City of Boston as a Black man

- How he became the first man of color to receive a doctorate degree from Sacred Heart University 

- Why he decided to give up an opportunity to work as a traveling Physical Therapist to work at a location in his neighborhood. 

- How Kenneth turned around a struggling location and became a Managing Partner

- How his walking group program attempts to address the 30-year difference in life expectancy between Roxbury and Back Bay residents 

The percentage of African Americans in physical therapy education programs has hovered around 3% throughout the past decade (according to a report from UCS)

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