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Fitness in Color

Mar 9, 2021

Be Intentional... 

In an age of excessive consumption, Chef Beanz encourages you to add intent to the energy that you ingest. 

Born to teen parents in Camden, NJ, once the murder capital of the country, Chef Beanz (Quan) grew up in a violent environment and was emotionally unbalanced.

He had the opportunity to go to school in a different district and started playing an instrument but still had one foot in his old, violent neighborhood. It wasn't until he was literally yanked off of a stage by a mentor while trying to show off for his friends that his life took a different turn. He started focusing on his school work and became a wrestler. It was the stability he needed to find his footing.

Charting his own path, Chef Beanz lives in Los Angeles where he spreads his love and knowledge for being present and intentional about what you consume; mind, body, soul, and spirit. 

He's a creator and creative, an entrepreneur, and overall optimist that lives to inspire you to find what brings you inexplainable joy.